"My goal is to create and capture moments that will one day connect you to the past and bring you a smile in the present."

- Laurie Warta

Fun facts about me include: I went skydiving on a whim, my fav eateries are Panda Express and Taco Bell - and fro yo!  I love to travel but love home even more.  I play the banjo on our worship team -  I'm a country girl at heart.

When asked what my “specialty” is, I really can’t say because I love it all. It’s something new every day. A new way of seeing the world around me.  What speaks to my heart is the laughter of a child, the tender look in an expectant mom’s eyes, the sweet peace of a sleeping newborn baby, or special moments shared at a family session. I love it when my clients see their proofs for the first time and smile, laugh, or cry. Although moments I capture with the camera are gone forever, you will always be able to relive those moments each time you look at your portraits. My goal is to create beautiful moments that will one day connect you with the past and bring a smile to your face in the present.

Santa's Magical Workshop is something I have a passion for.  The experience is one I wish every child could have!
Careful detail is made to ensure my entire prop collection/set is unique and timeless.  Many years of time, education, and experience have brought this dream to life.  Each session is planned with room for unpredictable moments - which are always guaranteed!  It is for YOU that I offer Santa's Magical Workshop.

Don't let another year pass - join the countless number of families who have experienced this MAGICAL, MEMORABLE, and AMAZING session! 

I can't wait to hear from you!
~Laurie Warta, M. Photog. Cr. CPP, WPPI-C

I'm Laurie and I'm so glad you've arrived here!  I've been a photographer for many years. It was my eccentric high school photography teacher who inspired me to fall in love with creating photographs and the darkroom process that brought them to life.  It was then that I discovered how much I loved photography and knew that one day it would be a larger part of my life.

Through the years my husband and I have raised four amazing kids and have 10 even more amazing grandkids!  Today I operate a studio in Bishop, CA and continue to educate myself to stay ahead of the ever-evolving craft.

hello there!

hello there!

We've been to Santa's Magical Workshop for several years now and have enjoyed not only the wonder of meeting and interacting with Santa, but also having the memories of our children at different ages.  We proudly display our Wall Portraits each Christmas and cherish the memories.          ~Jessica N.